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“Our Enchanting Enhancers”

What powers do these tiny elation elixirs possess? We owe our bliss to KriyaPlex™, a proprietary blend of Beta-Caryophyllene and CBD. This all-natural ingredient blend has been enhanced with smart delivery technology that increases the bioavailability of CBD, so your bliss won't have to wait.

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“This is Your Life. Drink it In.”

This petite potion is a true wellness chameleon--calling in Sleep, Calm, Focus, Rescue, Immune, Energy and Hangover remedies, giving you instant bliss at your fingertips. It's high concentration of all-natural ingredients means you can flavor up a whole bottle of water with only a few drops - so you can use it sparingly and still taste the bliss.

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“It's Blissfully Simple”

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