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At The Speed of Now

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Relief On-Call

Pain. Exhaustion. Mental overload. You don’t have to put up with it!

We understand the need for instant gratification because discomfort these days comes in many forms. With FAST CBD RELIEF™, there’s a remedy for what ails you. No matter what kind of unease you find yourself facing, FAST CBD RELIEF™ will help get you through. At the speed of now.


At Your Service

Need a hand? Our products are here to serve.

We’ve perfected the method of fast relief using the most effective phytocannabinoid science for oral and topical delivery. Our patented formulation targets your pain quickly with CBD Naturals® powerful phytocannabinoid complex, plus ingredients such as lidocaine and menthol to alleviate pain for up to 12 hours. For an added boost, many of our products feature natural botanicals and essential oils that are known to help balance and ground your senses.


The CBD of Tomorrow, Today

Mitozomes™ Cannabidiol
Our Mitozomes™ Cannabidiol, found in The Cream, is micro-encapsulated at the molecular level using time-release technology to deliver small bursts of CBD Naturals® ingredient complex all day.

TruSpectrum® Cannabidiol
Containing a true full spectrum blend of phytocannabinoids, The Patch is formulated to work synergistically, resulting in an ‘entourage effect’ that amps the power of CBD Naturals® phytocannabinoids for greater benefits.

The Shot features our proprietary CBD Naturals® endocannabinoid smart delivery complex, combining cannabidiol, beta-caryophyllene and humulene in colloidal form for optimal reach.


Pioneers of phytocannabinoid science and technology, we take instant relief very seriously. It is our mission to provide a variety of effective products that give you immediate, lasting release from pain, no matter how big or small. That is why our team of Doctors have spent the last decade perfecting the best combination of ingredients to quickly soothe discomfort so we could bring FAST CBD RELIEF™ to you.

No matter what the day brings your way, we’ve got your back.