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Elevated Hydration

To Soothe your Soul

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Cannabis + Coconut Water

= Life Well Tasted

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Summon the power of positive drinking

Our higher vibrational beverages are designed to help you achieve a balanced mind, body and spirit. With the ability to bind your body's natural bliss receptors, the EndoActives™ in Rasa™ help you achieve a greater level of balance and self love.

Open up conciousness.

Satisfy Your Soul

Each of our Rasa™ flavors has been uniquely designed to target one of the body's seven energetic channels- known as Rasa(s).

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Rasa One
calmness & peace
Pure Coconut
Rasa Two
confidence & power
Rasa Three
love & unity
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This is not your ordinary coconut water. Naturally loaded with postassium, our coconut water works dutifully to replenish electrolytes lost during your wellness routine.

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when it comes to reaching a higher level of serenity, using all of our senses just makes sense. That's why each of our Rasa™ products comes with a regularly updated QR code that provides art and music from budding artists, on a frequency to support your chosen Rasa.

FEATURED MUSIC "Holistic Harmony"

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Commitment to sustainability

We make good on our eco-friendly promises by producing our beverages using the meat of the coconut left behind by those harvesting only the water.

By choosing Rasa™ you're reducing your carbon footprint by increasing the amount of earth-sustaining hemp grown, while reducing the number of coconut trees harvested for this blissful beverage.