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Why you’ll love Simplex™

Behold the power of three. Our Simplex™ oral spray product line is rooted in simplicity and lives by the rule of three. Three products, three essential vitamins, three sprays a day. Simple, right? Perfect for those seeking fast, on-the-go wellness, these compact sprays pack a powerful vitamin punch to keep those sneaky deficiencies at bay.

Buy it. Spray it. Love it.


What is Simplex™?

Highly concentrated, and did we mention delicious? Our powerful, fast-acting oral sprays are composed of high concentrations of liposomal vitamins, plus EndoActives+™ — a proprietary smart nutrient delivery system that helps your body and mind regain their balance through the wellness power of phytocannabinoids.

Optimize your wellness—spray away!


Who we are

Deficient is a dirty word when it comes to vitamins. Even the slightest shortage can leave you feeling off, and susceptible to illness and disease. In these days of high stress and low access to high quality, nutrient rich ingredients, it’s more imperative than ever to supplement your diet with ready-to-absorb vitamins and minerals. That’s why it’s our mission to supply you with the most convenient, nutrient-efficient products to optimize your health and wellbeing, no matter the time or place. Spreading the health is our calling — and we’re energized and ready to spray wellness back into your day.

Did you spray your vitamins today?